Adding the widget to your KW Command Site

Modified on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 02:04 PM

Once your Google Review Widget is created, you will be sent a txt file with your unique embed code. Make sure you have that handy before continuing.

Step 1:

Login to your KW Command account here: 

Then navigate to the consumer page from the last icon on the left menu.

*IMPORTANT - Click any image to view it larger.

Step 2:

Click the "Create a new Page" button in the upper-right, select the "On My Agent Site" option and click "Create Page."

Name your new page in the upper-left. You can call it whatever you want, in our example we'll call it "Client Reviews."

Step 3:

Drag the Contact Form widget from the right-hand side onto the page (big blank white space in the middle with the blue border, in the above photo).

It should look like this:

Now in the bottom right click "Content Blocks" to expand that section and reveal them. It's just above the "Configure Widgets" button on the bottom-right. This should reveal two options, Image and Text.

Step 4:

Just like the Contact Form in the previous step, drag and drop the "Text" block onto the page just above the contact form. You'll notice it's in the right place above the contact form due to the green line. See below GIF:

You'll notice the text block you just added will have placeholder text in it that says "Insert your text here." Go ahead and remove that now, we don't need or want it there and it will save us from having to do it later.

Step 5:

Now we are going to copy and paste your unique widget code into text block we added in the previous step. This is the txt file called Google_Widget.txt that was attached to your email. Open that up, and copy everything below where it says "Copy everything below this line!"

Now double click the text block you added, this should make the cursor appear in it and you guessed it! Paste the code in there you just copied! It should look like this (except with your unique code):

Step 6:

Click the "Save Changes" button in the upper-right then click "Yes" when it asks if you would like to continue to the site and app settings. From here we are going to add you new Client Reviews page to the menu on your Command site.

Click "Add Page" (see picture below), then from the popup that appears select your newly created Client Reviews page and click the Continue button.

Step 7:

Last thing to do is fill in the 3 fields you're presented with. Page Title, URL Slug, and SEO Description. See descriptions of each and a photo example below. Make sure to hit the Save button when you're done!

Page Title: This should be whatever you want to display on the menu of your site. Should be the same as the name of the page you created. Like Client Reviews or Testimonials.

URL Slug: This should be the same as the page title above, except all lowercase and replace any spaces with a hyphen.

SEO Description: This doesn't really matter, go ahead and put your name or team name followed by client reviews. You're free to put whatever you want here.

Hit the save button when you're done!

You should now have your reviews page on your Command site menu, and that will take you to your new Google Reviews Widget page neatly embedded into your site!

If you have any questions or get stuck please open a support ticket here:

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